Crazy Doberman, Steve Baczkowski / Ravi Padmanabha duo , CRT, Debris Field

Friday, Jul 06, 2018 - 9:00 PM

The Liquor Store


Crazy Doberman

Crazy Doberman is an offshoot of the Doberman project that is open, collaborative, and improvisational. While Doberman existed as an Indiana quartet rooted primarily in the industrial and experimental-electronic musical traditions, Crazy Doberman has gone on to incorporate elements of free jazz, found sound, musique concrète, and diverse instrumentation into their recordings and performances. 

The project began as a series of collaborations with John Olson and has continued to include collaborations with various artists across a diverse musical spectrum. The live set generally consists of a rotating and revolving cast of core members alongside accompanying improvisors. These live sessions often function as primary source material for their recorded output.

Debris Field

Rochester Freeform deep research Freeeeaaakout. Members of Moolah, Cicada, Tumul, and The Grievants


Improv trio of Joe Clark (guitar), Chris Reeg (synth), and Joe Tunis (guitar). 

Steve Baczkowski / Ravi Padmanabha duo