Dual Release Show! Nod, Crush the Junta, and Attic Abasement

Saturday, Nov 03, 2018 - 9:00 PM

Smugtown Mushrooms

936 Exchange St. Rochester, NY 14608


Carbon Records Dual Release Show! New LP releases from Nod and Crush the Junta. And psyched to have Attic Abasement also on the bill! A great night of Rochester weirdo rock. 



Nod - Since they first began playing together in a Rochester, NY, basement in the spring in 1990, Nod has been churning out off-beat funk/punk rock with an undercurrent of Velvets noise and chaos. Members Joe Sorriero (guitar, vocals), Tim Poland (bass), and Brian Shafer (drums), have shown an alternate-tuning free/out groove craziness on a series of 8 self-produced albums (and a smattering of other releases in various forms) spanning nearly three decades, including a bunch of releases on Sonic Youth drummer Steve Shelley’s Smells Like Records. The Nod guys also did some time in legendary noise/weird jazz combos Coffee and Arthur Doyle Electro-Acoustic Ensemble. Nod’s latest release on Carbon, So Much Tonight, echoes early Talking Heads, and (though Nod predates them) Pavement. Call it omnipunk. While references and comparisons to other acts abound, their style never sits still long enough to be pinned down.

Crush the Junta


Crush the Junta is a trio featuring Dennis Mariano of Thunderbody, Chris Reeg of Ian Downey is Famous, The Years, Entente Cordiale, and Blood and Bone Orchestra and Joe Tunis of Tuurd, Joe+N, Entente Cordiale, SQ, Pengo, and formerly of Hilkka (he also runs Carbon Records). The three play a variety of instruments, but mainly stick to drums, synth/electronics/bass and guitar respectively. This music is usually heavy and loud rock (RIYL Heavy Winged, Bardo Pond, Grey Daturas). This new release, while still loud and heavy at times, also ventures into more varied directions.

Attic Abasement


attic abasement is me, Mike Rheinheimer (guitars, singing), Keith Parkins (bass), Emily Monaco (keys), and Joe Parker (drums). We are playing shows, writing songs, and making records in/around Rochester, NY.

External Link: https://www.facebook.com/events/341309703269563/