J Collin (UK), Weirding Module (Ithaca), Joe/Joe, and NO

Saturday, Nov 11, 2017 - 9:00 PM

Skylark Lounge

40 South Union St. Rochester, NY



J Collin


UK Psyche, Sparse/minimal folk, kinda Japanese psych-ish (Keiji Heino, Kan Mikami, LSD March, et. al.)

"Acoustic string improvs of great abstraction, clangor and depth, recalling a certain vibe that Loren Connors once called his own, although there's no aping here. Lots of dizzy inventions of clustered strings that manage to maintain a certain melodic beauty for all their weirdness. There are even bits of wobbled slide and sustain that recall Fahey at his loosest. Totally boss." – Byron Coley

“This spine-tingling album by J Collin is six-string primitivism taken to a whole other level of wildness and intuition.” – Derek Walmsley, The Wire

Weirding Module

Weirding Module is former Violent Ramp bassist Michael Troutman's solo project made during every available moment of time when he's not cooking, eating, reading, or skateboarding. Probably some other verbs too. Working? The music is a heady mix of synthesizers, modified drum machines, tape loops and homemade samples, heavily influenced by repetition, science fiction and psychedelia.

Weirding Module's public debut was an American Tapes bootleg cassette (AM333) for the 2004 Brooklyn, NY No Fun Festival. Releases on plastic formats, mostly cassettes, have followed on numerous labels. Weirding Module's most recent release is _Farther Out_ on Fag Tapes. A new album on Tape Drift is due out late 2017.

Weirding Module has toured the US, Canada, Europe, Argentina and Chile and is currently based in Arakis, NY.


Collaboration between Joe Clark - guitarist of Druse and solo artist, and Joe Tunis, member of Pengo/Tuurd/Crush the Junta/Tumul and solo artist (Joe+N).


Joel Dow and Brian Blatt

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