Joe+N 19th Annual Day-Tour

Saturday, Aug 25, 2018 - 10:00 AM

Various Locations Around Monroe County


Theme: Destruction.

On Saturday August 25, 2018, Joe+N will perform the nineteenth-annual day-tour in and around Rochester NY. The day will consist of 7 shows, each consisting of a 20-30 minute set.

I'll have stuff for sale. Bring your cash and credit cards.

(I can process these on my phone via Paypal).

Here is a driving link.


  • 10am - lock32

    Joe + Scott Oliver + TBA


    on RT65/Clover Rd. enter the park area and proceed to the back of the parking lot area. NOTE the new entrance (just north of the old canal entrance).

  • 11am - Corbett's Glen

    Joe + Chad Oliveiri + Ben Lovell


    turn on to Glen Road from Route 441 and park before the first curve in the road. we'll be playing inside the tunnel

  • 12pm - Linear Park

    Joe + Brian Blatt + Martin Freeman + Elizabeth Carter


    Linear Park Drive off of 441 Westbound - Penfield, NY. park at the top parking area. we'll meet there and proceed up the creek and most likely play on one of the boulders in the water.

  • 1pm - NeedleDrop Records

    Joe + Nuuj + Erik Burke + Larry Patti


    304 Gregory St, near South Ave.

  • 2pm - WAYO / Parking Lot

    Joe + Mike Turzanski + Chris Reeg + Dennis Mariano


    1237 E Main St (Fedder Building)

  • 3pm - The Garden

    Joe + Dr Hamburger + Alex Duffy + Dylan Stock (aka Debris Field)


    Railroad St, to the right of Bitter Honey

  • 4pm - Parcel 5

    Joe + Nod


    Grassy end of Parcel 5.

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