Kyle Press / Apologist / Martin Freeman / City Harvest Black

Saturday, Oct 19, 2019 - 9:00 PM

The Liquor Store



No Rent Records recording artists Kyle Press and Apologist play the Liquor Store.

Apologist (PHL)

Eerie sound collage venturing between drone, ambient music and fragments of traditional songwriting with tapes, voice, bizarre field recordings, mechanical noises and electronics. Apologist's tape on No Rent Records is spacious, disturbing and delicate, like scanning a shortwave radio in a sewer as the rats run by.

Kyle Press (PHL)

Always the strangest member of the various groups in which he performs, Kyle has one foot in funk and psych bands, one foot in free jazz/improvised music and another more recent foot in his abstract electronic music. His new solo tape on No Rent Records is chock full of the unbridled weirdness that he usually uses more sparingly in his more conventional band projects, like wrong-note saxophone solos, super loud throat singing when you least expect it, electronic squeals and guttural noises.

Local support from City Harvest Black & Martin Freeman

Music at 9

$5-10 for the touring artists

Ask a weirdo if you need the address

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