Stefan Christensen, Beastview Maul, Joe Clark, and Blood and Bone Orchestra

Thursday, Aug 15, 2019 - 8:00 PM

The Liquor Store



Stefan Christensen (New Haven, CT, C/Site Recordings)

New Haven, CT based artist Stefan Christensen’s work is known for its contemplative and melancholic mood; always filtered through a home-recorded, DIY dirge that hits a wide range of sounds; from gentle acoustic work and long form drone, to wiry post punk songwriting, freakout psychedelia and beyond.

In 2007, after years of playing in hardcore and punk outfits, Christensen formed his best known act, avant-punk quartet Estrogen Highs. The band released numerous full lengths and EP’s, and toured extensively before parting in 2015. Christensen himself moved swiftly into solo work at that time and has since been releasing a steady stream of music, as well as touring in the US and Europe. As a solo artist Christensen incorporates a 4-track home-recording style, somber tone and skirts the line between song and noise, often blurring said line. A collage of textures and tones land his work somewhere in the realm of the much heralded Xpressesway, Siltbreeze and Twisted Village labels. Christensen released tapes and EP’s on such esteemed labels as Night People, ever/never and I Dischi Del Barone before releasing his 2017 Shake Off The Village full length, which received widespread acclaim. It was followed by 2018’s City Code on Belgium’s Knotwilg label, with more records looming just around the corner.

Christensen is also a frequent collaborator in the fertile New Haven free rock underground. He plays guitar for psych heavyweights Headroom (Trouble In Mind Records), as well as recently becoming a full-time member of long-running free improv guitar group Nagual. He also runs C/Site Recordings, a label that serves not only to release music from his New Haven cohort but the world at large.

Beastview Maul (ROC)

John Schoen and Joe Tunis, members of Pengo, play a chaotic combination of sax, tape manipulation, vocals, and guitar.

Joe Clark (ROC, Glowing Window Recordings)

Joe plays guitar in hard-core heavyweights Druse. Solo, he nail a perfect blend of atmospherics, texture, and movement.

Blood and Bone Orchestra (ROC)

Free-improv group, usually(?) featuring sax, guitar, bass, and drums, and sometimes cello and synth. Members of Ian Downey is Famous, The Years, and more...