Rochester Noise Expo

Friday, Oct 22, 2021 - 8:00 PM

The Psychic Garden

Rochester Noise Expo at @the_psychic_garden!!! 10.22.21 Doors @8 bands @8:30 sharp.


A8:15-8:30: Jehovah Grand Ham
A8:30-8:45: dr hamburger
B8:45-9: Col. Parms
A9-9:15: Sling dynamo and the seven stevens
B9:15-9:30: Bloody Noes (Outside)
A9:30-9:45: Occult Modem Settings
B9:45-10: Shades of Fawn
A10-10:15: Flesh Shuddering
B10:15-1030: r.nuuja
A10:30-10:45: Dammitbooster
B10:45-11: Human kindness
A11-11:15: City harvest black
B11:15-11:30: Joe + N (Outside)

Flier by @lockheed_martin_death_robot