Lead Pall + Quad Trzypsy Band

Friday, Aug 30, 2019 - 9:00 PM

The Liquor Store


Lead Pall (Pittsburgh, PA) is Anthony Levin-Decanini (magnetics, drums) and Josh Tenenbaum (misc, electronics) playing free improvisation with scratchy tapes, repurposed magnetic card readers, cannibalized electronics and amplified garbage. Their approach of pulling music out of wheezing motors, tickled circuit boards and controlled feedback evokes early Voice Crack or Graveyards, and Lead Pall is every bit as subtle as either. This is finely wrought improvisation in vast uncharted territory and it's a delight to experience live.


The Quad Trzypsy is an oversized four player quadraphonic sound making machine developed by Martin Freeman. It's based on the principles of circuit bending (albeit with no "wrong" or dangerous connections possible) and intended as a system for a small group of people to work on together as an improvised performance.

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$5-20 donation requested for the touring act

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